Monica Grace has been studying twin souls since 2017. This work has helped her heal her core and inner child wounding as well as her relationships, specifically her marriage. On this page, you’ll find listings, short descriptions, and free resources for Monica’s five core wound healing frameworks that will help you systematically move forward on your inner and outer union journeys.

The Twin Soul Core Wound Healing Archetypes

Everyone has a lens through which they see the world, determined as a young child and assigned a number through the Enneagram. This lens can help a person better understand and heal their inner child wounding, as each of the nine types experience a core wound differently.

For example, one person might experience an abandonment as someone not valuing them and their contributions, while another might experience an abandonment as someone not seeing their uniqueness as worth sticking around for.

Knowing your Twin Soul Archetype can help you move through your core wounds faster and knowing all the archetypes can help you become a better coach and mentor to others moving through their core wounds.

The Core Wound Wheel

Throughout life, we experience the 6 Deepest Core Wounds that all other wounds lead back to.

The Core Wound Wheel helps us identify the feeling that we are experiencing so we can trace it back through the layers to of feelings to the core wound.

Use this tool to move quickly and systematically through even the most challenging upsets!

The 5U (Upset, Uproot, Unmask, Union, Upheaval) Process

The 5U Process is the theory behind core wound healing. It will help you go from upset to healed quickly and completely.

This process shows you how to move through your upsets and use the other tools provided to explore what is currently subconscious to you. Remember, a wound is simply a subconscious pattern that is blocking you from becoming your true self.

The 5U Process is:

  • Upset
    • Identifying the wound
    • Identifying the emotions around the wound (a wound without emotions has no charge and is unlikely to be creating a pattern for you)
    • Identifying the false beliefs you’ve formed because of the wound
  • Uproot
    • Exploring the false beliefs you’ve formed in greater detail
    • Unhooking yourself from the stories that you’ve told yourself due to the false beliefs
    • Uprooting and eradicating the false belief from your thought patterns
  • Unmask
    • Reveal the true source of the false belief(s) surrounding the wound (every false belief leads back to yourself or your creator(s))
    • Through unmasking yourself as the source for your pain, you are able to sincerely enter the healing process around it
  • Union
    • Forgiving yourself and others for the false beliefs and wounds
    • Understanding how another’s wounding may have helped co-create your experiences
    • Coming back into union with yourself, others, and humanity
  • Upheaval
    • Processing and integrating your healing into your daily life
    • Reclaiming the parts of yourself you’ve lost due to this wound
    • Re-triggering and reprocessing the onion layers of the wound
    • Shifting your patterns and allowing people, situations, and experiences to vibrate out of your reality

Studying this process will make you an expert at healing your own core wounds, false beliefs, and upsets, as well as helping others identify and heal themselves.

The Reflection Journaling Practice

The Reflection Journaling Practice is a systematic journaling system that that guides you through clearing your inner blocks. It is based on the 5U Process described above that details the deeper theory of true and complete healing.

As you journal through the prompts, you uncover the roots of wounding and can trace your wounds all the way back to the source. This helps you clear massive chunks of wounding all at once, as a single wound always creates a pattern forward in time.

The Reflection Journaling Practice is thorough, step-by-step, and always leads to deeper and complete healing. Do it once in depth, and never do it again!

The Inner Union Framework

Much of the twin soul journey is about coming into inner union with yourself and coming into outer union with a partner.

This requires not only shifting from the distorted masculine and feminine to the divine masculine and feminine, but also balancing the masculine and feminine energies within.

Much of the distorted masculine and feminine we experience within or experience through our relationships comes from a toxic patriarchy that has been in place in our society for hundreds of years. This is what we as a collective are trying to break free from so we can usher in a new paradigm of love, understanding, and community.

You can do your part by studying the toxic patterns of the distorted masculine and feminine and releasing the threads that you still hold, either from your past or your present. This allows you to shift into a new way of being, moving to the divine masculine and feminine.

Your shift allows the world to shift!

Study Twin Soul Healing in Deeper Depth

These frameworks are unique processes that you can only learn through Monica’s work. If you’d like to know more, please check out her books, Your Twin Soul Journey and Inner Union: Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Within.

Monica Grace writes about twin souls, manifestation, tarot, astrology, and more at her main site, Card Reading Queen.