About the Twin Soul Tarot Deck

The Twin Soul Tarot deck is a unique creation with 97 cards. The deck includes all of the traditional tarot cards plus the following:

  • 6 additional special Major Arcana cards that are specific to the twin soul journey, bringing the Major Arcana suit to 27 cards total
  • An additional Minor Arcana suit representing Spirit, symbolized by ribbons, to signify the 5D and spiritual elements of this journey

This one-of-a-kind deck allows for deeper love and romance readings, and when combined with the spreads shared on this site, offers incredible insight and guidance into the twin soul journey with your divine counterpart.

The companion Twin Soul Tarot book teaches you how to perform special love-infused twin soul spreads invented by Monica Grace. It additionally offers six different meanings for each card so you can interpret them based on your situation. The meanings included are:

  • General Love Meaning
  • No/Low Contact or Separation Meaning
  • Friend-Zoned or Acquaintances, But Knows It’s More Meaning
  • Ex-Lovers With an Unbroken Connection Meaning
  • Complicated “Will They, Won’t They” Relationships Meaning
  • In or Moving Toward Harmonious Union Meaning

Lastly, this deck is infused with incredible and powerful manifestation energy. The order in which the Minor Arcana suits are explored is important. All manifestations begin as energy with spirit and the 5D (Ribbons/Spirit Suit). They make their way into the 3D as emotions (Cups/Water Suit), where they then move from the subconscious to the conscious as thoughts (Swords/Air Suit). These thoughts become energetic and passionate action (Wands/Fire Suit), and then the universe delivers in the physical (Pentacles/Earth Suit). This process is represented in the Twin Soul Tarot deck through the ordering of the suits, making this deck perfect for bringing your union into the physical.

Monica Grace has studied tarot for years and has extensive knowledge of traditional and modern tarot meanings. Her work on the Twin Soul Tarot work is rooted in a deep understanding of the card meanings combined with the history of tarot. Additionally, she has studied twin souls since 2017 and designed this deck specifically for use on the twin soul journey!

Explore The Twin Soul Tarot Deck

Looking for love and romance meanings for your tarot deck? Look no further! These card meanings can be used with any tarot deck, though we recommend grabbing your copy of the Twin Soul Tarot Deck as every card deck has a different energy based on the artwork, symbolism, setup, and intentions of the creator.

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana

Ribbons (Spirit)

Cups (Water)

Swords (Air)

Wands (Fire)

Pentacles (Earth)