About Twin Soul Tarot

The Twin Soul Tarot is a 97-card deck specifically developed for love, romance, and relationship readings. The deck includes 27 Major Arcana cards and five suits representing the five elements—Spirit, Water, Air, Fire, and Earth.

The deck is designed, illustrated, and authored by Monica Grace, who has studied both twin souls and tarot for many years. She melds her deep understanding of tarot’s history, symbolism, and meanings with her cutting-edge knowledge of twin soul relationships and the inner union ascension journey. This deck is infused with deep love and positivity and gently guides the user into deeper harmonious union with themselves and with the important relationships in their lives.

About Monica Grace

Monica Grace has been studying twin souls since 2017. This work has helped her heal her core and inner child wounding as well as her relationships, specifically her marriage. To help others work through their healing, she uses a combination of her frameworks:

  • The Twin Soul Core Wound Healing Archetypes which can help you identify your wound lens
  • The Core Wound Wheel and the 6 Deepest Core Woulds that all other wounds lead back to
  • The 3U (Upset, Union, Upheaval) Process that leads to healing
  • The Reflection Journaling Practice tool that guides you through clearing your inner blocks
  • The Inner Union Framework that helps you heal distorted masculine and feminine patterns within and in your relationships

These frameworks are unique processes that you can only learn through Monica’s work. If you’d like to know more, please check out her books, Your Twin Soul Journey and Inner Union: Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Within.

Monica Grace writes about twin souls, manifestation, tarot, astrology, and more at her main site, Card Reading Queen.