Welcome to the Twin Soul Journey! You have been led here for a reason.

You have been called to the twin soul journey for a reason and you should take a moment each day to reconnect to your why. The twin soul journey is not about getting a specific person, though that is how many first discover this work. Once on the journey, however, you will come to understand the beauty and power of going all in for yourself.

The twin soul journey work helps you create more peace, love, joy, and abundance in your own life. You can only pursue your twin soul from a place of peace, because they are a reflection of you. If you are not at peace, then they are not at peace, and all you will experience is chaos in the connection.

It is a leap of faith to walk this path, because it is so out of step with societal beliefs. Walk the path anyway because your love and peace is worth it. Dive in with both feet and don’t be afraid to get a little wet!

Others may attempt to tell you that you are the Lovestruck, but you have been given the arrow because you are the Archer. Aim your arrow wisely and enjoy the adventures the journey has to unfold for you.